FREE Legal 101 Healthcheck for founders and small businesses

Legal advice can be expensive. Our free Legal 101 Healthcheck is a no brainer! In just five minutes gain invaluable insights into your business so you can sleep easy knowing it's built on strong legal foundations. Skim through our Legal Healthcheck to fortify your business and pave the way for a secure, confident future. Your business deserves this, and so do you!

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Congratulations on starting your own business! 
To help you get started and build strong legal foundations, I've created this quiz for founders and small businesses. It will guide you through the essential legal areas you need to consider when you’re a small business owner. Once completed, you'll have peace of mind and confidence in your legal compliance and know what the next steps are you may need to take.
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Health Check

Dive into an area below - I recommend starting at the top!


Setting up your business

Have you set up your business correctly and done everything needed to limit your liability?

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Intellectual property

Do you know what intellectual property your business owns, and do you have everything in place to protect it?

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Do you have the right kind of business insurance, and do you know how to claim if the worst happens?

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Data protection and privacy

Do you know what personal data your business collects, and are you GDPR compliant?

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Contracts and agreements

Do you have proper tailored contracts in place which protect your business?

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Working with others

Do you know how to protect your business when you start working with freelancers and employees?

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