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Legal 101:

How to protect your business and set yourself up for success, a step-by-step self study course with customisable templates

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Welcome to Legal 101, !

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Welcome to Legal 101

This course has been created for entrepreneurs, coaches, creators, wellness practitioners, freelancers and consultants like you to get clarity and confidence about the things you MUST have in place to safeguard your business.

Demystifying the legals you need in place as a small business owner, it will show you how to set up your business and limit your liability, without complicated legal jargon, because you don’t know what you don’t know.

From learning how to protect your creative work to ensuring you’re GDPR compliant, it will walk you through how to feel safe and supported in your business.
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I couldn’t be more excited to have you on board.

Congratulations on taking a major step towards securing your business’s legal foundations.

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You'll learn

...about the importance of having proper contracts in place with clients and suppliers, how to sell online without getting in hot water, legally-speaking as well as clarity on who is a consumer and the extra care the law says you need to give them.

You'll understand to expand your business safely when working with freelancers and employees and how to collaborate with other businesses, including influencers and podcast hosts.

You'll be equipped

...with the knowledge and tools to create a ready to go Privacy & Cookie Policy and Terms and Conditions for your website and business alongside a list of tasks to help you and your business stay on the right side of the law going forwards.

Legal, but let's make it easy

Hello, I’m Emma, Legal consultant supporting founders, entrepreneurs and small businesses like you to safeguard your business with ease.

My legal experience has been an eye-opening journey. After qualifying as a solicitor in 1998 with a top 5 law firm in the UK, I specialised in commercial litigation. It was glamorous work, advising household name clients. But the more litigation I saw unfold, the more it became clear how destructive and expensive it is. And so I shifted focus. Rather than helping people win in court, I was driven to help them avoid it altogether, by putting proper protection in place for their businesses.

I set up my consultancy and created this course to support founders like you to have the legal protection you, your business and your clients want and need.

Because as a founder myself, I know what it’s like running your own business and juggling all the things you have to do before you start on the client delivery.

Don't bury your head in the sand

When it comes to legal requirements, it can feel like a minefield of information, so it’s not surprising many entrepreneurs bury their heads in the sand when it comes to business insurance, data protection and contracts.

But as I’ve seen, this can lead to more, and often much bigger headaches when things go wrong.

Which is why I created this course. Packed full of my legal expertise and experiences it will help you get everything in place to start your business or scale it, with the peace of mind and protection you need.

You don't know what you don't know

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Sadly, many founders, entrepreneurs and business owners consider the legal side of their business only once things have gone wrong. Costing them more than just money, damaging their business reputation and diverting time away from serving clients to firefighting the crisis.

In the worst case scenario, the business itself may not survive.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re already well established, ensuring your business has the legal framework it needs is the best investment you can make.

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be hard. Protecting you, your business and the finances you’ve earned can be simple. And I’m here to show you how.

I’ve created this course for entrepreneurs like you, to educate and empower you to establish the legal foundations your business needs so you can rest easy knowing you’re protected.

I understand it’s often the thought of a hefty price tag which stops new business owners from seeking legal help in the beginning, which is why I’ve created this course as an affordable way to get the legal knowledge you need to understand and most importantly, take action.

My promise to you

No legal jargon.

No eye watering by-the-hour legal fees.

Only clear advice and the steps you need to take action on each of the elements.

From starting up to scaling, in this course you'll find 9 modules and a wealth of downloadable resources, including customisable templates for you to tailor in minutes and use in your business.

Even better, you’ll have lifetime access to the course, which will be updated annually in line with legal changes so you can rest assured you have the knowledge your business needs only a few clicks away.

By the end of the course, you’ll be clear on what your business needs and how to make it happen so your company is legally supported, ready to start, sell and scale.
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You can't beat the feeling of safety

Here's what you'll learn in Legal 101:

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Module 01

Setting up your business and limiting your personal liability. 

Module 02

Protecting your brand: A guide to trademarking and intellectual property.

Module 03


Module 04

Get up close and personal with Data Protection (GDPR).

Module 05

Your contracts and T&Cs - why they’re important and what you need to include.

Module 06

Selling your products and services legally to consumers.

Module 07

Expanding your business safely. How to take on freelancers and employees.

Module 08

Collaborating with other businesses.

Module 09

Keeping yourself protected going forwards.

This course is designed to meet you where you are in your business. Whether you’re a brand new founder or entrepreneur, or have been in business for a while, there’s information in the modules which will help you safeguard your business.

Legal work can be heavy going so I suggest working through the modules or dipping into the ones which are relevant to you at the time, knowing you have the security of having the other modules.

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So much more than legal

The hidden magic of establishing your legal framework is that it can support and shape your business as a whole.

As always I’m here to act as an extension of your team, if you have any questions or would like more personalised support.
  • Go VIP and add a 1:1 power hour where we’ll look over the documents you’ve created using our templates and answer any other questions you may have.
Ready to dive in? Let's go.

You can't beat the feeling of safety

Legal work can be heavy going so I suggest working through the modules or dipping into the ones which are relevant to you at the time, knowing you have the security of having the other modules ready and waiting for you when you need them.


"The course is really comprehensive but affordable for small business owners like me. I love the course layout, the fact that you can dip into the modules you need, like GDPR, intellectual property, and selling to consumers. I also found the case studies and interactive quizzes which check your understanding very helpful.

The explanations are really clear and you can find the templates you need very quickly. It’s astounding actually how many templates have been packed into the course. I know I am going to feel safe now selling online - thank you so much, The Good Legals Club and Emma!"
KIRSTY , founder of the brave collective


"Partnering with The Good Legals Club has been a game-changer for our business. With their expertise, we now have all the crucial small print in place - from contracts to copyright - making us feel not only more secure personally but also significantly more professional.

Running our business in a smart and safe way has added a layer of confidence that’s invaluable. It's like a weight has been lifted off our shoulders and the support we've received has been unparalleled. Grateful for this essential partnership that's taken our business to the next level!
laura andrew, co founder of stories from home


"Emma is an absolute dream to work with. I was launching my first online course and I had a few queries about which of her amazing templates would be right for me. She replied really quickly and had space to speak to me within a few hours. We jumped on a Zoom and she asked questions about my course and service and created a bespoke set of T&Cs within an hour. I was absolutely blown away - these parts of the creation process can feel heavy but she made it feel like an absolute breeze.

I decided to download her Website Legal Bundle from her Template Shop, to start a fresh on my course subdomain and these were so easy to put together, with instructions on how to amend and clearly highlighted areas where I needed to put in my relevant information. Within 30 minutes, I had all of the templates personalised, individual webpages built for each and I was moving on with the next task ahead of launch.

I now see Emma as part of my team and my go to recommendation for getting legals sorted with absolute confidence. 
I never thought I'd be that excited about paperwork - my ADHD brain finds low dopamine things like this something I procrastinate on. But it was all so simple and easy and took away hours of searching who to appoint to help. I genuinely never thought I'd be this excited about legals. Absolutely epic support - thank you so much!"
rebecca douglas, nature aligned brand photographer


"The contract template was so thorough and included things that I probably would not have thought about including myself. The level of detail is really amazing. You really do feel in safe hands when you purchase a template from them. It was so easy to adapt for my business."
alice, meta ads manager & funnel strategist


"Emma helped me out massively on many occasions, I had some extremely basic contracts and she really whipped me into shape and made sure that every aspect of my business was covered. She gave me some great advice and really made me think about certain situations actually, that maybe I wouldn’t have thought about. She’s also really helped me with any client liaison, she’s been a great mediator and just really given me that security and that legal knowledge that I just don’t know.

Running my own business I wear many hats but having to think about the legal side of it, it’s just overwhelming. So, I feel very fortunate that I actually got recommended by a good friend, that Emma was the person that I needed to talk to. If you’re looking for amazing legal support, legal advice, anything to help you in your business, please get in touch with Emma the Good Legals Club, she is without a doubt excellent at what she does and really great support. Always there for you.”
penny joyner platt, plattform

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