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This template is intended for Businesses offering digital content for sale via their websites...

...these might include, for example, PDFs, templates and workbooks, e-books, educational resources, images, sound effects, craft patterns and software code.

This template contains the essential terms to protect both you and your clients, including (amongst other things):
  • Clause protecting your intellectual property in the digital content
  • Clause setting out the terms on which the digital content can be used
  • Disclaimers relating to the accuracy and completeness of the digital content
  • Limitation of your liability to the extent permitted by law
  • Data protection clause 
  • Clause limiting your customer’s right to cancel and obtain a refund (to the extent permitted by law)
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The template includes comprehensive drafting notes to help you adapt the template for your business

terms of purchase
1. You are purchasing a template set of T&Cs. Your purchase does not create a solicitor-client relationship and the template does not constitute legal advice.
2. When you purchase this template, you will be sent a link to download a copy.  By purchasing the template, you expressly agree to receive the download immediately, and you will lose your right to cancel and your right to a refund.
3. For further information, please see our Digital Downloads Terms & Conditions.
4. If you are unsure whether this template is suitable for your business, please contact us before purchasing at
5. This template has been drafted in accordance with English law. It may not be suitable for use in other jurisdictions, and you should check with a locally-qualified lawyer in your jurisdiction.